Modern advertising and marketing strategies impose huge challenges onto marketers and company owners, especially when it comes to advertising online. E – mail marketing remains one of the most common, important and effective advertising channels. Our team has gathered enthusiastic, experienced, educated and highly dedicated software specialists around the idea of designing all-in-one software solution for comprehensive e-mail marketing. The goal was to create the software that is user-friendly, easy, quick and flexible, but sophisticated, versatile, creative and that provides lucrative marketing strategies.


The software we’ve designed is now being applied in several reputed companies, some institutions (like local theatre) and many individuals. Aside from typical „mailers,“ software that analyzes the average profile of your customer database adjusts your newsletters accordingly and conducts marketing strategies occasionally, our team assisted in many large projects designing advertising software for various businesses and corporations. Currently, we are expanding out HTML based newsletters templates collection and empowering the web – based version of our software to ease the use of our products to all our regular clients.